If you are working in a back office or away from your business, you can record events and keep an eye on your assets with a video security and surveillance system from OneTouch Security Plus.

A comprehensive digital video security and surveillance system from OneTouch Security Plus allows viewing and monitoring of sensitive areas in your facility. Using a digital video recorder, or DVR, you have the ability to observe and record daily activities while protecting your assets and providing a safe environment for your employees.

With a variety of indoor, outdoor, and low light cameras with infrared illumination, the right camera can be selected for virtually any environment. With multiple options from standard cameras, mini-domes, up to full sized pan-tilt-zoom dome cameras, we can fit numerous surveillance applications. There are standard, high, and super-high resolution cameras to fit your quality needs and budget.

Highly visible, strategically placed cameras become an effective deterrent for theft and unwelcome intruders. In addition to protecting your physical assets, your employees will also have peace of mind knowing they are working in a secure environment. In the event a crime does take place, you will have a time and date stamped video record of the incident. With the combined benefits of asset protection and personal safety, a video surveillance system provides peace of mind, reduced risk of loss, and critical video information before and during an emergency situation.

With a wide range of recorder options, we offer digital recording devices to fit any need and almost any budget. We offer compact, imbedded DVR units or larger application PC based units. With inputs from 4 to 32 cameras and recording memory from 250 Gigabytes to multiple Terabytes, we have a DVR for your needs. OneTouch Security Plus is an authorized dealer of Honeywell’s Video Systems.

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