OneTouch Security Plus services brings a wide selection of security services from fire and burglar alarms to video surveillance and access control. Our local central station monitoring employees are highly trained and competent staff to protect your home or business 24/7.

If you have questions about getting started with a home alarm system, or are a client who needs assistance, please call us toll free: (800) 626-5738 or click here to contact us now.


OneTouch Security Plus is putting your safety and security first. With customizable security systems for your home or business, OneTouch Security Plus can help put your security concerns at ease. We provide monitoring of our security systems with our local 24 hour monitoring station.

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Whether it’s your home, small business office, or multi-level building, OneTouch Security will be here to keep watch over it, 24 hours a day. We’re your quick connection to the fire department when you need it most.

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If you are working in a back office or away from your business, you can record events and keep an eye on your assets with a video security and surveillance system from OneTouch Security Plus.

A comprehensive digital video security and surveillance system from OneTouch Security Plus allows viewing and monitoring of sensitive areas in your facility. Using a digital video recorder, or DVR, you have the ability to observe and record daily activities while protecting your assets and providing a safe environment for your employees.

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With an access control system from OneTouch Security Plus, you no longer have to worry about an unauthorized entry. You can easily set up temporary access for a visitor, time schedules for authorized access, or remove an old employee.

Access control systems from OneTouch Security Plus allow you take complete control of your building’s entry points and give you a variety of options for granting authorized access into your building. With easy to use software, you will never have to worry about whether your door was locked again.

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When you choose OneTouch Security Plus, you really have a neighbor keeping an eye on your property for you. As a local security provider with personal 24/7 monitoring, OneTouch Security Plus is uniquely position to recognize and respond to fire, theft, and other threats more quickly-optimizing your safety, ‘round the clock, every day.

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