OneTouch Security Plus is putting your safety and security first. With customizable security systems for your home or business, OneTouch Security Plus can help put your security concerns at ease. We provide monitoring of our security systems with our local 24 hour monitoring station. As an authorized First Alert Professional dealer, OneTouch Security Plus has partnered with Honeywell Security to provide industry leading First Alert Professional security systems. Being connected to our monitoring station, your home or business will be protected, 24 hours a day, everyday. We offer a variety of components to customize an alarm system to meet your safety needs. An alarm system is typically comprised of a control panel, keypad, door and window sensors, motion detectors and glassbreak detectors to suit your unique needs. The control panel is the brain of the system and initiates the communication with our monitoring station in the case of an alarm.

The keypad is the user interface and allows for easy control of the alarm system. Our systems are simple enough for almost anyone in you family or business to operate, and with the addition of a programmable handheld or keychain remote, your home or business can be secured with the push of a button. Smoke detectors connected to your monitored alarm system allow our monitoring station operators to dispatch the fire department 24 hours a day.

With additional environmental sensors, such as low temperature sensors, carbon monoxide detectors and water sensors, you can be prepared for almost any event. All systems have battery back-up to keep the system functional for a period of time during a power loss. With digital cellular and internet communication options, a phone line is no longer necessary for your system to communicate with our monitoring station. Cellular units can also be used as a back up for reporting even if your phone line or cable were to be cut or interrupted for an added layer of security. With Total Connect from Honeywell Security, you can log in and check on your home from anywhere with internet access, helping you stay connected, even when you are away. Through our free, on-site, no obligation security evaluation, our sales associates will help you decide what will best protect your home or business.

Contact us today and we’ll connect you with one of our sales associates to set up a security consultation at your home or business and to answer any additional questions you may have.


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