Whether it’s your home, small business office, or multi-level building, OneTouch Security will be here to keep watch over it, 24 hours a day. We’re your quick connection to the fire department when you need it most.

Standalone smoke detectors are effective – if you’re around to hear them. Monitored smoke detectors protect your home or business 24 hours a day, whether your system is armed or disarmed, and whether you are there or away.

When monitored detectors sense smoke from a fire development, they signal the control panel, causing sounders to alarm and also initiating the communication with our monitoring station. Monitored detectors hardwired to your alarm system are powered by the control panel and backed up by its rechargeable battery. Wireless supervised smoke detectors give flexibility of adding them in places wires can not go. Low batteries or supervisory issues are then reported at the touchpad and also to the monitoring station.

For your home, it is recommended that smoke detectors are installed on every level, including the basement, and outside the sleeping area. For extra safety, smoke detectors can be added to each bedroom. The smell of smoke will not awaken you. Actually, the poisonous gases put you into a deeper sleep. Since the majority of fatal fires happen at night, it is essential to have working smoke detectors throughout your home. Too many fire deaths occur because battery operated smoke detectors fail due to dead batteries, disconnection or removal to “stop the beeping.” Be sure to test your smoke detector system weekly and keep replacement batteries on hand. A monitored fire system may have the fire department en route before you have had time to even escape.

For your business, there may be fire code regulations that apply to your building due to sprinkler system use or being an overnight facility. These requirements include manual pull station and smoke detector locations and certain reporting requirements.

Don’t merely put your fire safety on your to-do list, contact us today and we’ll connect you with one of our knowledgeable sales associates to set up a free, no obligation safety evaluation of your home or business. We’ll also set you up with a fire safety brochure with a pull out emergency evacuation plan




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