With an access control system from OneTouch Security Plus, you no longer have to worry about an unauthorized entry. You can easily set up temporary access for a visitor, time schedules for authorized access, or remove an old employee.

Access control systems from OneTouch Security Plus allow you take complete control of your building’s entry points and give you a variety of options for granting authorized access into your building. With easy to use software, you will never have to worry about whether your door was locked again.

With a locking schedule, your front door can automatically unlock during normal business hours and lock at closing. Access control systems typically take advantage of proximity cards or biometric inputs, eliminating the need to issue standard cut keys. The basic components of an access control system include the access control panel, access cards for each user, and an electric lock and proximity card reader at each door.

The system is administered through easy to use software installed on your computer. Schedules can be created and applied to entry doors allowing automatic locking and unlocking. Using access levels, personnel and visitor traffic can be restricted to certain doors or areas and only be allowed entry during certain periods of time.

If an access card is lost, the card can easily be removed, eliminating the need for costly rekeying of locks. Reports can be generated to give complete detail of who has entered your building and when.

For the highest level of security, biometric readers can take the place of proximity card readers, allowing fingerprint recognition to gain entry. This eliminates sharing of cards and cuts down on the expenses of replacing lost or broken cards.

Maintain control of your facility with an easy to use access control system from OneTouch Security Plus. Contact us today and we’ll connect you with one of our sales associates to set up a free, no obligation security consultation and to answer any additional questions you may have.




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